“Click To Skip This Movie”

I’m slowly slogging through the beta feedback and making changes to my upcoming casual game. One of the comments made the think. Somebody complained that they wished the story scenes were skippable. But the story scenes are skippable… you just have to click the cursor anywhere on the screen, or press the escape key on the keyboard.

So this player wanted to skip the movie, but didn’t think to click the mouse. They expected instructions on how to skip the movie. I’m not sure how people became trained that movies are un-skippable by default, but they apparently have.

Since I have no way of knowing how many users are in this boat, I don’t know whether I need to add a “Click to Skip” sentence somewhere on the screen. I’d rather not, since it looks stupid. Next time I do a beta, I’ll add logging to see if people can figure out how to skip the movies.

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