Asset Tracking: a better way?

In my last entry I commented on how I’d lost track of one of my sound effects during development — I didn’t know where it came from. I decided to create a paper trail of everything I buy from now on; this will be a last-ditch mechanism to help me track stuff down by following my own footsteps and seeing what I bought and from where.

But it’s not really good enough, as you pointed out (yay, commentators). Is there a better way? Well, the .WAV file format has space to store strings in it, so it should be possible to stick useful information into the .WAV files themselves. Then even if they get changed a bit, I could figure out where they came from. I think the .OGG, .PNG, and .JPG formats have that option, too, so I could use it to track all my assets.

The problem is that I don’t have a program to easily edit that data. If anybody knows of a simple GUI app that can do that, I’d be happy to try it out during my next game development and see how it goes. I can’t find one, though…

(It’s tempting to get sidetracked and write my own little editor for it, but I really shouldn’t let myself get sidetracked any more than is strictly necessary…)

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