Any casual game devs need $20?

So I’ve done a couple of the “analyze your game for $20″ deals I mentioned earlier, and they’re a lot of fun. And I think they’re pretty useful, too — not that I had any amazing insights, but a new pair of eyeballs is always handy.

I wish I could analyze my own game this way, but I can’t. I’m too close to it. I’ve also subjected friends to alpha testing, and I’ve even done a full beta-test with hundreds of people. But after the beta, I made lots of changes, and now I have nobody left to give me first impressions!

If you’ve got a bit of time to spare, and you’re a game developer (or are an experienced casual game beta-tester who can give lots of feedback), and want to earn $20, drop me a line! :)

7 thoughts on “Any casual game devs need $20?

  1. Hi,

    I’m a “resting” game developer (I have a bread and butter creative director job at GameTrust Inc.) and I’ve contributed a bit on High Seas, which I believe you recently tested.

    I’d be happy to give you my own first impressions of your game. I think it’s a tremendous idea you have here, and in fact I think it might make sense to organize a bit of a network this way. I don’t really care about the $20, it’d be much more valuable for me if you would trade for a test report on one of mine, once they’ve come far enough.


  2. You’re right, it would be nice to have a network of developers willing to trade first impressions. The indiegamer forums ( are an opportunity to do that once, but the feedback is pretty scattershot. And you can only really use a forum to get first impressions one time… if you make changes and want to get another first impression, you have to find a new audience. That’s where a network of people might be very useful.

    Anyway, thanks for your offer and I’ll contact you shortly.

  3. How about a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach? I’d be happy to give you some free feedback provided you do the same for me in 2-3 months. Just drop me a line.

  4. Hi! I don’t care for $20 but beta-testing games is always fun (especially if you’re in gamedev yourself). I’d love to see your game )) Contact me if your suggestion is still in power

  5. I’d like to take a look. I’ve been reading the blog for a while and I’m interested to see what you’ve been working on. I’d offer a mutual beta test but my porject is /months/ from alpha. I’ll come knocking when my project is near completion.

  6. Would love to beta test your game. I teach computer programming and used to be one many moons ago. But, I am part of the core casual gaming demographic and love to play and beta test games.


  7. Hello!

    I’ll be more than happy to help you with beta testing without any money too. What I want in exchange, however, is some insight on casual game dev and some tips on getting started in this industry (eg. where should I go with my finished game, what is usually found in a contract etc). I’m a developer (even game developer, I’ve done a game and a handfull of small apps) and I want to start getting some money off this.

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