Secret Codes for Starcrossed

Some people have gotten stuck near the end of Starcrossed, when it starts to get pretty hard. If you find yourself getting stuck on a level, try these cheaty cheat codes!

Refill Energy Refill: while playing, just type “moonpower” (without the quotes). You won’t see any feedback until you type the whole thing — then you’ll see your energy bar instantly refill!

Instantly Win Level: while playing, just type “starpower” (without the quotes). Type it correctly and you’ll instantly win the current level and go on to the next!

Just a warning though: using either of these codes will reset your score to zero! So if you’re going for a high score, you can’t use these codes.


3 thoughts on “Secret Codes for Starcrossed

  1. Just curious, how well did Starcrossed do? I noticed it didn’t break iWin’s own Top 10…

  2. So far, it hasn’t done very well. There are some complaints about it being a bit too difficult, and lots of complaints about it being just another match-3 game, which is frustrating, since it isn’t a match-3 game.

    Starcrossed just launched on the Oberon network though, with slightly easier gameplay, so maybe it will do okay over there…

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